Think you have what it takes to complete our game design course challenges?

AC SIN MOVE BLUEPRINT – Provides a sine wave movement pattern in the Z-axis based on the editable property.
(AC indicates Actor Component, which must be attached and cannot spawn)
Example Range – How far to rise/fall

AC SIN SWING BLUEPRINT – Provides a sine wave swinging movement pattern based on the editable property.
(AC indicates Actor Component, which must be attached and cannot spawn)
Example Range – How far to swing
Cleanup Delay – The remaining life span after a break
Does Respawn – Should this object respawn when removed
Start Transform – This is to track where this item spawned

BARREL BLUEPRINT – Physics asset with capability to be lifted and can break when hit. Can also spawn loot based on the editable property.
(Rare items should appear less in the array, as per a controlled percentage)
Spawn Class – Class type override, as an array for customization
Break Override – Momentum required for a break

BOLT LOOP BLUEPRINT – Timed particle system with editable property to amplify the effect.
Standard Bolt – Is this the common version. If not, a larger one is spawned
Bolt Delay – How much time to wait for each bolt

BREAK FLOOR BLUEPRINT – Platform with a trigger for players to simulate physics and drop based on the editable properties.
Break Delay – The duration just before the break
Cleanup Delay – The remaining life span after a break
Does Re-spawn – Should this object appear again when removed
Start Transform – This is to track where this item spawned
Does Break – This is to help bring variety to the asset while adjusting the visuals
Spawn Woods – Helper function to provide player feedback with falling debris post contact

CANNON BLUEPRINT – Spawns an instance of the class of your choice based on the editable properties. Can also be manually setup for player input.
Launch Time – How long is the cool down to launch items
Launched Class – Which class to spawn
Blast Off – Should the object come out and fly
Blast Force – How much force to apply at launch
Manual Key Press – Should the player require a key press to launch objects
Message to Player – Notification when player enters volume

CHARACTER BLUEPRINT – Playable character with third person camera. Triple jump capability and extended single jump when held. Can grab physics items with appropriate mass using the Shift/Trigger key and also use a jet pack when unlocked with the other Shift/Trigger key, and override speed when collected.
Dialogue – Widget reference for narrative
My Story – Last stored narrative
Story Index – Which page of the story narrative
Unlocked Jet Pack – To demonstrate a unlock able item
Character Color – To override the player character color
Number Jumps – Jump counter for Triple Jump combination
Key Chain – Keys player has collected
Grab Range – How far a player can grab physics objects with
Mass Carry Limit – How high of an object mass this can carry
Grabbed Object Distance – How far is the grab object
Physics Handle – Used to grab physics objects
Grabbed Object – Used to store grabbed objects for resetting data when dropped
Health – Total Health points for each player
Fuel – Total resources for Jet Pack behavior
Rapid Range Cool Down – How long to wait for applying next damage
Speed – To demonstrate a speed pickup item
Speed Duration – To demonstrate a speed pickup item
Passed Checkpoint – To demonstrate a checkpoint system
Index Checkpoint – To demonstrate a checkpoint system
Number Checkpoints – To demonstrate a checkpoint system

CHECKPOINT BLUEPRINT – Trigger for players to store key items and progress in levels, while maintaining an ordered sequence.
EX ) A player crosses checkpoint number (2), then only checkpoints after number (2) can be valid, and checkpoints numbered (2) or less are ignored.
Message – Dialogue to players during trigger
Sequence Number – Number of this checkpoint in the level sequence

DOOR BLUEPRINT – Special asset to act as a barrier for entry ways. Can slide or turn and toggle two sided visuals. Input and trigger overrides are available, as well as locking with many keys, starting opened, never closing, and basic dialogue.
2 Sided – Can player open the door from both sides
Slides – Should the door slide, If not, it turns to open
Overlap Override – Use this to skip the Use key activation
Begins Opened – Should the door start opened when playing
Locked – Is the door locked to stop from opening
Key ID – Which key does a player need for this door. Numbered to support multiple doors
Is Open – Is the door open. Used for script logic
Button Dialogue – Dialogue when player enters volume and door is unlocked
Locked Dialogue – Dialogue when player enter volume and door is locked

NPC BLUEPRINT – Character asset neutral to player. Can travel to target points within a Navigation Mesh. Can also interact with players in range with basic dialogue.
Color – Starting color override
Way Points – Target points for patrolling
Way Point Index – to choose elements in the array in order
Interacting – is player interacting
Dialogue – Message to players that come into contact
Narrative Range – How far is the radius of the overlap
Spawn Point – Where this actor appeared for re-spawn functionality

ENEMY BLUEPRINT – Enemy guard extended from an NPC, with additional capability to simulate basic combat and override editable properties.
Health – How much health points to begin with
Loot Spawn Class – Does death spawn some loot. Which class type override, randomized
Speed Override – How fast should this enemy move
Jump Z Override – Jump override for attacks
Damage Override – Damage applied when attacking
Attack Cool Down – How long to wait before attacking again
Damaged Dialogue – What to say to players after being hit
Animation Blueprint – Reference to the animation blueprint to invoke functionality

ENEMY ANIMATION BLUEPRINT – Blueprint designed to provide an animation state machine for enemy types. Basic states are used such as Idle, Walk, Attack, and Death.

FAN BLUEPRINT – Obstacle designed to apply damage on contact. Can be used as a platform when 0 damage is used. Also overrides color based on damage in the construction script.
Damage – Damage amount applied to players when hit
Rotation Spin override- Which direction should this rotate? Use to adjust speed and negatives
Danger Color override – Color when damage is set to 0 to act as a platform
Safe Color override – Color when the damage is set above 0

FIREWORK BLUEPRINT – Basic firework asset to provide celebration feedback. Can also be setup to loop and/or randomize delay.
Emitter Template – Which particle system to blast with
Burst Delay Min – Min time to wait until blowing up
Burst Delay Max – Max time to wait until blowing up
Loop – Should this asset appear again when removed

HOMING ROCKET BLUEPRINT – Special asset to apply damage on trigger overlap, except when players jump on top to bounce off.
Is Homing To Player – Does this object follow the player

POST BLUEPRINT – Special asset with a trigger to message players through basic dialogue. Symbol visual customized through editable properties.
Point Right – Should the Arrow point to the right
Symbol – What can player see from afar
Post – What does the Sign say
Interacting – are we interacting

RARE COLLECTIBLE PICKUP – Special asset with a trigger for players to overlap. Can re-spawn based on the editable property when not equal to 0.
Re-spawn Time – Amount of time to appear again after removed
Range Override – Amount of rise or fall of the movement pattern
On Pickup Enter – Helper function to have child classes differentiate behavior(s)

RARE GOAL – Special collectible, that will transition to a level by name after a victory message and celebration.
Next Level Name – What is the next level name to transition to when player enters trigger

RARE HEALTH – Special collectible to reward players entering trigger with health points.
Health Value – What is the life gain amount

RARE JET PACK – Special collectible to unlock a player ability.

RARE KEY – Special collectible to give players a key by ID.
Key – Which key is this by number? Use for multiple keys with multiple doors
Player Message – What message to notify the player with

RARE SPEED – Special collectible to grant players a temporary speed boost.
Speed Value – What is the new speed
Speed Duration – How long to last

SPIKE BALL BLUEPRINT – Special asset with damaging capability while it rotates constantly. Customized through editable properties.
Damage – Damage applied when hit
Indestructible – Can this be destroyed by game play interactions
Force Strength – How much force to apply for tackles
Tackle When Player Range – Should it tackle players that enter the trigger volume
Tackle Delay – How long to wait for each tackle
Direction Swing – Which direction to swing
Life Span Override – How long to stay in the level after a spawn
Push Player – Helper function to apply force in the direction of the player
Push Swing – Helper function to apply force in the direction of the editable property referred to direction swing

SPIKE FLOOR BLUEPRINT – Platform with a trigger to slide spikes out onto players based on the editable properties in the construction script and animated timeline.
Spike Override – What magnitude are the spikes at
Damage – How much damage is applied to players hit

SPINNER BLUEPRINT – Special asset that rotates on command when within a trigger. If you attach items to this, they can be manipulated within levels for a puzzle effect. (See “Layouts Example” level)
Spin Degrees – How much of a turn on each command
Enter Dialogue – What to tell players when they enter
Sphere Range – How far is the check for the sphere overlap
Ignored Blockers – How many actors are considered to be ignored for checking blockers, where blockers prevent the spin function to proceed

SWING LOG BLUEPRINT – Special asset that damage players when triggered. Can be used for platforms when damage is set to 0.
Damage – Amount of damage upon impact
Spin Degree – Amount of swing in degrees

GAME MODE – Game blueprint designed to store default classes used.

GAME INSTANCE – Game blueprint designed to keep key information across levels, and re-spawn the player to pass key data through.

HUD WIDGET – Screen blueprint designed to display a narrative as basic dialogue.
Example Text – On screen message to players during game play.

PLAYER INTERFACE – Game blueprint designed to remove game dependencies. Used for player interactions such as pickup items, key lookup, unlock able item(s), dialogue, speed override, and checkpoint.